LED Stage Light Reviews

We recently examined several LED stage lighting devices for a high college black field theatre having a 20’ substantial grid. The school is motivated on an all LED technique, yet doesn’t have this budget for top-of-the-line tools. Our target was to come across some sort of set of reduce cost units with reasonable effectiveness. It turned out to be harder as opposed to the way we thought. Listed here are all of our reviews:

Altman Pegasus LED Fresnel

This kind of 140W white gentle BROUGHT Fresnel is a victor. The optics are very good, often the intensity is definitely great, and the dimming (when controlled via DMX) is very smooth just about all the way out there. This particular unit uses ordinary several. 5” accessories, therefore, the school’s existing accessories can fit in it. This is significant expensive unit we analyzed, but the performance creates this installation worth this.

Chauvet Ovation E-910FC

That 270W profile has quite high color object rendering (due on the Red, Green, Blue, Silpada, Lime coloration mixing) in addition to great strength. The problem with this is the fact that Chauvet’s optics are very inferior. Whenever a shutter is needed to shape the light beam the multiple LEDs create multiple shadows. This challenge seemed to be evident for the majority of of the further in addition to third tier makers. Though we didn’t test the template, we have to be able to believe the same challenge would appear, making this particular unit useless to be a user profile.

Anxiety Industry PAR Zoom

That 190W PAR has a motorized zoom, which simplifies generating slight adjustments to the particular light beam angle. The intensity seemed to be good, as was the dimming. The optics, however, ended up not. Each one of the 19 LEDs has very good principal optical technologies, but there is normally no secondary optic to be able to homogenize the column. That results in beam irregularities and produces multiple, clear shadows that would be unacceptable to the audience because close to the step as they are inside of a dark-colored box treatment room.

elektraLite 1018 PENDANT

That 216W SIMILAR undergoes from same problem as the Elation SIMILAR. There is no extra optic, resulting in a great unacceptable multiplicity of shadows.


This 155W white light-weight LED report is also a winner. The optics, intensity, plus DMX dimming are all of very good. https://www.akstagelight.com/ is usually $200-300 more than the particular other profiles we reviewed, but like the Altman Pegasus, its performance signifies that it can be made use of in the close quarters of black box cinemas.

Osram Kreios Fresnel

This 80W bright light LED unit features nice optics and an amazing zoom. The dim acceleration fading down to anti - or over from zero will be a little brief, nonetheless we think that can easily be succeeded by changing the dimming profile. Sad to say, at only 80W that unit is too poor to be useful coming from a hanging height associated with 20’.

Osram Kreios Profile

Like the particular Osram Fresnel this particular 100W white light LED model also has nice optical technologies and an impressive focus. Nonetheless as with typically the Fresnel, it is advisable suited to be able to smaller places with decrease hanging height.

We strategy on looking at additional products, although our existing believing is that typically the school should have basics inventory of white lighting LED profiles (Source 4WRD) and Fresnels (Pegasus) that is definitely supplemented with a tiny number of colour adjusting profiles (ETC ColorSource).
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